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Extract from the Introduction: South Africa's roads are rich in magnificent mountain passes and poorts, any one of which can turn a journey into a memorable experience. Passes were formidable obstacles for vehicles of the past, but nowadays we can enjoy them without worrying whether we shall be able to make it to the top. Information about passes and poorts is not easily available to travellers. Very often it is buried in awkwardly large reference books, or in separate Internet addresses that are inconvenient, even on your laptop. Hence this book, which is compact enough to fit into a bag or car cubby-hole.’


Extract from the Preface: The descriptions of the passes in this book are almost without exception written from first-hand experience. Each of them was sought out and driven over for the purpose of this book during an epic 8000km tour which my wife and I undertook in our 1960 Rover 100. The choice of an old car in which to tackle the passes was no mere gimmick. Traditionally passes were daunting prospects to travellers of the past, so we thought that it was important for us to experience a degree of difficulty in negotiating them; using a more modern car would have made it all too easy. But I must admit that as a classic car enthusiast I found the challenge of doing the trip in the “Aunty” Rover impossible to resist.’



ISBN - 978-0-9814489-0-9

The Author, looking at the stupendous view from the top of Sir Lowry's Pass.

Van Reenen's Pass, the view of

KwaZulu-Natal from 'Windy Corner'.

Abel Erasmus Pass.

The entrance to the tunnel.

The beautiful and very rare Protea Aristata, first discovered in Seven Weeks Poort.

Meiringspoort, showing the

old and new roads.

Protea Cryophila: Snow Protea, one of the world’s rarest plants.

(Buffelshoek Pass, Cederberg)



To all who have bought my book A Guide to South Africa’s Mountain Passes and Poorts, and subsequently visited passes described in the book, what were your experiences? How did my book influence your decision to visit mountain passes?

Did it help you to plan your travels?  In what way did my book assist you during your tour(s)? Have you any comments on the passes you visited which might be useful to others who plan to do the same?    


The passes in which I am particularly interested as regards your responses are the following Drakensberg passes:


Magoebaskloof Pass     Abel Erasmus Pass            Robbers Pass                    Kowyns Pass                     Long Tom Pass      

Van Reenens Pass        Olivershoek Pass              Witzieshoek Pass             Sani Pass                          Pot River Pass

Naudesnek Pass


However, your experiences to do with any other passes mentioned in my book, or your general comments on the whole theme of Passes and Poorts as followed in my book will also be invaluable. Why am I asking these questions? Because the publishers and I are considering the possibility of a further book in which contributions made by readers of A Guide to South Africa’s Mountain Passes and Poorts might be included. At this stage no firm plans have been made. A lot may depend on how many of you respond. Naturally, if your material is used in such a publication, full acknowledgement would be made. I have already received some great responses from readers which they have sent entirely voluntarily. Thank you!  



Please address your responses below or email Patrick Coyne on

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