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Extract from the Preface: ‘The author, an ex-headmaster, shares the belief that a school’s worth is found in more than just its buildings: its people are what make it special. And throughout the pages of this book, the people who hold GRGS dear have been given abundant space to tell the reader why they do, and what the School means to them. These people include the Gordon Road Old Girls and ‘Old Boys’ (for during the years 1912 to 1938 the School allowed boys to share its premises), some of its past principals and teachers, and, in fact, anyone who has contributed to its development and achievements.


These memories and feelings include many moments of humour and also some of sadness, but all of them make it easier for the newcomer to begin to grasp the ethos of this great Durban school. The author ends the book by interviewing some senior students of the years 2010 and 2011 to obtain their views on their school, its past, and appropriately enough, its future.


Look Back With Pride! is a book that will enthral not only the wider GRGS family, but also those who have the histories of education and Durban close to their hearts.

LOOK BACK WITH PRIDE! The story of Gordon Road Girls’ School,
Durban - Celebrating the Centenary 1912 – 2012

ISBN - 978-0-9869919-8-1


Published by

Osborne Porter Literary Services


Musgrave Road in 1903


Florida Road in 1912

(Courtesy of Robert Kirby)

1928 fashion picture at Mitchell Park with Nellie the elephant as a baby.

Durban beachfront in 1929

1947: visit of the British Royal Family.

March past of the D.L.I.



A display in the

Senior Resources Centre



The photographs of people that are included in the book have been carefully chosen from the thousands available with the aim of representing each era as far as possible, those with names attached preferred. As regards the buildings, some most interesting old photographs have been unearthed, for example, a view of the school and its surroundings taken from an aeroplane in 1931.


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